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5nl 6max, showdown value

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  • 5nl 6max, showdown value

    villain VPIP/PFR 33/18 i dont think my pair has showdown value. the only thing i beat is something like 44 and 87 type hands. should i have tried to take it down after my opponet showed weakness? if yes, in which street and how much should i bet?

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    When a villain checks two streets, he usually has nothing, and you should nearly always take a stab at the orphan pot in position. Villain should be c-betting this flop with the bulk of his range, as he should have a decent pair or some equity with a draw. Ragged aces should also bet, but sometimes a villain will check with hands like A8/77/87 on wet flops like this, because they don't expect you to fold, as it's so drawy. When villain checks the flop, he's often giving up, but sometimes he'll make a delayed c-bet if the turn is a total blank, especially if he picks up a flush draw.
    On this turn card, villain's check basically says "I have a weak pair/underpair, no draw, and I'm worried you have the straight or at least a face card for a pair that beats me". I definitely think you should bet the turn, since villain's range is clearly weak. Something like 60% of pot is probably enough to get him off 9x and underpairs, and almost certainly ace high. You're beating ace high, but don't really want to see another card, as that is likely to be another overcard to your pair.
    As you point out, you don't have much showdown value (5th pair, lol), so use your position to take it down before it gets there.
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