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2nl 6max zoom-Over Shove Still Call?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Over Shove Still Call?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    hi Everyone, The villian in the sb here has stats of 29/3 3bet%5,also they had donk bet 2/4 occasions for 50% and had won at showdown 5/9 over 61 hands. I 3bet big for value over the open raiser and 2 callers and i get 2 calls,i have no info on the button. I'm relatively happy with my postion with a very low stack to pot ratio but of course would prefer it heads up. The flop comes down and all of a sudden the player in the sb donks for over 100bbs,it was hard to really know what they have here.At 2nl i can see them showing up with Kings some of the time here especially given the villian has shown some passive actions in the past,but i wondered why they would open shove a king here after i've shown such strength pre flop and would now be in the position of power? Should i still call given stack to pot ratio and this slightly strange line? maybe they could be shoveing any piece here? Thanks alot

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    Hey Nashy I think you should fold here. It is pretty easy for your opponent to have you beat. You are also getting a poor price to call. Furthermore there is still a third player in the pot who could wake up with a strong hand. Shoves like this can be very strong, it seems to me, and a lot of hands that beat yours make sense, from KJ-AK to TT. You block combinations of AJ/AQ type hands so really the only bluffs or hands you could beat are QJ and some badly played TX. Also if you think about it you have stronger hands in your squeezing range on this board, namely AK and TT. How does your oppoonent not know you have a K yourself? He must not care. I thnk most of the time he thinks he has the best hand and if he thinks that, he can beat aces much more often than not. Add the threat of the other guy having TT or KX and I think this all adds up to a fold. You can do so without sweating it too much confident that you have AK and TT in your own squeezing range here often enough. umbup:


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      Thanks alot Gareth



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