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Getting stung with Aces

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  • Getting stung with Aces

    Hey Guys, So it's pretty clear what Villain has in this hand the whole way, or at least from the turn anyway. Is there anything redeeming about the way I play this hand post flop or should I just be folding in that spot? Thanks, Dave
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    Hi dakelleh!

    I like a bigger bet on the flop, because it's so freaking wet and you want to get value while you probably still have the best hand. If villain has Qx or any two clubs, you want to charge him the maximum for drawing. You'll also get value from Kx. Betting bigger also makes the hand a little easier to play, because villain is not going to be raising as a bluff very often if you bet bigger.
    When you bet half pot and he minraises, it's pretty horrible, because he can do this with a draw, hoping to get a free card, but you've not "defined" your hand with a strong bet, so his raise is equally undefined. Is it the nuts, a draw, or one or two pairs? You just don't know.
    I don't think I can bring myself to fold to the minraise at 2NL, because some villains would do this with K9 or worse.
    The turn card is interesting, because when you make trips, you're now crushing any two pair combos that might also have raised the flop. I don't like your lead-out bet though. If villain has you beat, you're playing into his hands by betting and allowing him to raise. Check to the raiser and see if he gives you a cheap price to chase a boat/quads.
    Here he minraises again. That actually does give you pretty good odds, but you'd have an even cheaper prce if you'd checked. You have 10 outs, so about 20% equity against a made straight. You have to call 18c into a pot that will be $1.11 on the river. 18/111 equates to 16%, so you're only having to chip in 16% of a pot that you're certain to win about 20% of the time (and you'll also chop if a queen comes). When you factor in implied odds (getting some more money out of villain on the river, when you bink the boat/quads) then it's definitely proftable to call the turn raise.
    On the river, you missed the boat (no pun intended) so check to villain. He overbets the pot, and this is clearly not a bluff. He has the nuts. He'd have to be completely crazy to bet with anything but a queen here, so it should be a trivial fold for you.

    Sp if you want some basic advice, bet bigger on the flop, so that villain has to make a bigger bet if he really has you beat. If it's just a minraise, calling's just about OK. On the turn, just check. You're losing to Qx, but villain is likely to price you in with your boat/quads draw. Betting into a villain when he raised the previous street isn't going to get action from worse. It just bloats a pot that you're probably losing.

    Hope this helps!
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      Hi Arty,

      Cheers for the insightful, and as always fantastically detailed advice. The more I watch that hand the less I understand why I'm calling that river bet.

      Oh well, live and learn.




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