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turning a pair into a bluff

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  • turning a pair into a bluff

    I played this hand quite a while ago, but I found it back and I realised it could be good to get some feedback on it. Because it has been a while, I don't remember any reads from previous hands, but what I do remember is that it was relatively early on in a freeroll. After the 4bet preflop I figure villain 9 probably has a bigger pocket pair or a big ace, but with the pot odds I decided to look for a set. On the flop, my read doesn't really change, so I decide to stay in for the possibility he has ace-high, and I might still hit a set. I put villain 4 on a middle pair like mine, or possibly also A-high. With these reads, what do you think of the turn bet?

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    Hi lyoung,

    Since we start the hand with only 11 big blinds, and we put 4 of them in preflop, I would not be folding my hand post.

    Given that, I think it's essential we raise the flop bet by V9. It's not clear we're behind him, as it's a limit freeroll and people will overplay broadway cards and small pairs like crazy. And of course he can have AK/AQ, or the big pair, but with so much in the middle and our small stack left I'm going for it. It's essential to raise to confront V4 with having to call a double bet cold so he can't easily (and correctly) call with 2 overcard to us trying to hit a big pair. This may not work in a limit freeroll, but it gives us our best chance to take down an already large pot and protect our hand as best we can.

    As played I like the turn bet, although I doubt overpairs to us fold at this point (despite the ace coming), we may get folds from broadway hands which is a nice result, as KQ/KJ/QJ have 10 outs to draw out on us. If called I would check down the river unless we spike an 8, no overpair to our 8's will call the turn and fold the river.

    The turn bet isn't really a bluff, as it's hard to believe better hands will fold. But it's more of a protection/value bet against broadway cards while giving a player with a bigger pocket pair a chance to make a mistake, which I think is worth the risk in a large pot with few chips behind.
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