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2nl 6max zoom-Concerning Line For River Card

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Concerning Line For River Card

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Again, This hand was against an unknown villian,i make my hand on the turn and they decide to check raise which made me happy,later i thought maybe i could have re-raised a bit more,but anyway they just call which i found a little puzzling. Then the board pairs on the river and they shoved their remaining stack in straight away.I have to say i wasnt that happy with that card,a set on the turn could make sense given i think they would have just shoved the rest in then rather then flat turn if they had a flush. But if thats the case why didnt they play it faster on the flop? It didnt make much sense,or am i just overthinking it Thanks again

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    It looks a lot like a boat/quads. River donkbets are usually the (near) nuts. If he had 66 or 44, then the slowplay on the flop was bad. He should be raising there, so he can get his stack in on the turn.
    I'd actually bet more on the turn. You made your flush and your hand can't get any better on the river. It can only get relatively worse. You want to get maximum value from sets and one-card flush draws, and set up a river shove that isn't a big overbet. So make it more like 27c on the turn. If villain raises that, I'm putting him all in. He'll show up with the nut flush sometimes (so many nut-peddlers in Zoom), but also worse flushes/draws and sets.
    I'm inclined to fold to the river donk, even though we only need to be good about a quarter of the time. I just don't see him taking this line with much we beat.
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