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a few blunders

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  • a few blunders

    the devil went down to flushA aces beat by 444 gut shot and a scare card. (should i have taken the free card?) ... this was just bad.
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    Hi Rock,

    Please post 1 hand per thread in the future, that way if discussions ensue there's no confusion about what what hand is being discussed and threads stay cleaner.

    So on to the hands:

    66- Preflop limp behind 2 limpers is fine. Both are not full stacks and limping so fishy, I'd expect to get action post flop when we hit a set against their top pair type holdings. On the flop I live the fact that you raised, it's perfect. This is an action flop and slow playing will only serve to cost you money in the long run, I would be playing this situation fast all the time. Raise sizing is good imo.

    Your turn bet however is way too small. .26c into .81 so now a villain must call .26 into a pot of 1.07 which is better than 4-1 plus implied odds of your last .28c and you are getting called by any decent sized spade to draw at you. The flop raise sizing set up a nice turn shove for you of .54c into .81, this is the bet to make.

    ATo- I don't like the limp personally, our hand is strong eough to play in this spot but I'd raise to isolate the limper, it plays better heads up and we can get more money in vs a weak limpers range in position. If you are going to play a short stack then generally you want to be raising when you enter the pot, save for unique situations like the 66 hand where you're set mining a couple fish on the cheap and figuring you need to hit your hand to win.

    Flop and turn bets are fine but when we get check-raise shoved on the turn I don't think we are ever good unless I have specific reads on the opponent. What are you ranging him on? Worse aces will lead out the flop, or check-call down. Flush draws will be aggressive the flop or likely passive through out. If you know someone takes this line with worse hands because of a read then it's fine to get the money in, but absent such reads I think this is a fold.

    84o- I wouldn't be betting the flop with a gut shot here. It's a fairly weak semi-bluff. Neither component that makes semi-bluffing profitable are good:

    - Fold equity: rates to be small in a 4 way pot.
    - Hand equity: rates to be small with just a gutter and 8 high

    If we had more working than just a gut shot (better hand equity) or only a single opponent (better fold equity) then I'd like leading more. As is I would simply check and be willing to give up mostly to a bet.

    As played I think betting the turn is decent on any overcard to the jack. There isn't much value in taking a free card as you only have 4 outs so if you get check-raised it's no big deal to fold. I would feel much better about it with reads though, as I would never bet again vs. a loose-passive station. Even without reads I wouldn't bet again if top pair didn't change on the turn.

    TT- Firstly playing a half stack of 50bb's I would 3-bet a button opener for value without reads holding TT, and be willing to stack it off pre on the short stack.

    On the flop I would check-raise a frequent c-bettor or lead out vs. an opponent who doesn't c-bet with a high frequency. I don't like check-calling here, this is an action flop and very wet board, we can raise and get stack action from so many worse hands and draws right now on the flop, before a scary card comes off to kill our action. Any A, K, Q, J, 9, 7, or diamond may make our opponent unwilling to part with his stack, that's an awful lot of cards!
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