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    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Can someone look at this hand for me, now i know i should of raised pre flop but this kid had a thing for raising to 10c which i wouldnt be calling with J 10 off suit im just wondering was i right in checking after he re raised to me i was worried of him having two pair or maybe trips what do you think?

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      Hi mike,

      Do you mean villain 1 kept open-raising to 10c? If so, then when he limps pre-flop, he usually has garbage or is slowplaying a monster.
      Completing in the small blind is definitely a mistake, as JT is not a very strong hand and you'll be out of position post-flop. Raising to isolate the player (who likely has a junk hand) is an idea, but I'd actually fold here pretty often, because I try to avoid tricky spots, and JT in the SB often gets into them.
      As played, you see a flop 3-ways and you make top pair. A pot-sized bet is fine, as you want to get value from draws, and will also be fairly happy if villains fold Ax/Kx/Qx hands, as the turn will bring an overcard to your pair about a third of the time, making it a tricky spot.
      Villain raises the flop. If this was a tight or passive player, I'd be folding here, because he's repping a better jack, a set, or 2 pairs. Against a more aggressive player, he can do this with straight draws, either open-ended (QT, T8) or gutshots (KT, KQ etc). If this villain is quite bluffy, then calling the raise is OK, because you can allow him to bluff off some more chips on later streets.
      The turn is a total blank and you correctly check to the flop aggressor. Here, he checks behind. At this point, it's pretty clear you have the best hand. Villain was almost certainly raising the flop with a draw or total air, and he failed to improve.
      Most of the time, I'd be leading out on safe rivers for value, but if you're sure this villain will bet all his missed draws (he can't win with those at showdown, so he has to bluff to win), then check-calling gets the most value. Here, that's exactly what happens. Villain bets 3/4 pot with king high. I like the play you made here, although you might not have known exactly why you made it.
      It goes like this: When you probably have the best hand and villain is aggressive, you can check to induce a bluff, and then call with the best hand.
      Check to induce a bluff, snap it off, profit.
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