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2nl Zoom - Top Pair vs Loose Fish OOP

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  • 2nl Zoom - Top Pair vs Loose Fish OOP

    Hello everyone! I have been following the forums for a while now in order to improve my game. Been playing cash for 3 months now so I'm new I think. This is my 1st post so lets hope this come out right...
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I had played a couple hands with this guy before so i knew he usually plays short stacked [40BB] and has a wide range but he managed to source some chips it seems. Watched him make alot of bad raises/calls so i assumed his 3Bet range was pretty wide. On the Flop I get top pair but im not very confident so i check to him. His bet seems low - i assume a player like that would bet more if not shove so i look him up. He takes a looong time to make his next bet so im 75% sure i have better but dont want to go all in on top pair (am i already comitted here? was calling the right move) The river he shoves and im a bit nervous. I already had him ranged on either KK+ a lower Q or JJ/AK so i sweat it a bit and decide to make the call figuring im right most of the time. Everything went well but i want to know if there was a better way to play this and or if i misplayed. Don't really want to be making costly mistakes in the future. Thanks for Reading umbup:!

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    Not a pro at this, so don't take this as truth, but here's my big blind's worth.

    Since you say he's loose with his raises, I'm thinking he 3bets maybe AJs+, 99+ in position on the CO.

    With that bet sizing on the flop and no read, I'm thinking he either flopped a flushdraw or has a lower pair. I'm assuming he would bet bigger on that flop with a bluff or a good hand to try to make you fold weak pairs and flushdraws.

    You said he's made a few wierd plays before so granted he might slowplay a better hand on a scary board a few of the time, but when he makes the same half pot bet on the turn I'm thinking your top pair is good, and that the read is correct.

    When the river comes a diamond I don't really like checking. I think the best play is to bet for value. Since he has less than a pot size bet, just shoving would probably be the safest way to go. I'm thinking he would fold unless he's made the flush or a set+. Betting half of his stack and letting him shove would be okay if you had mad the flush, but with only top pair I'm not sure I like it here.
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      Hi Low Rated, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Please feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have. Good luck at the tables! Joss umbup:
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        Hi Low Rated,

        You found yourself in a tricky spot here, but your reads certainly help.
        There's a raise UTG and you call in MP with AQ. If the UTG player was a nit (with a very tight range), I wouldn't have even called, because AQ can get taken to valuetown by AA/KK/QQ/AK. The player in the cutoff makes a cold 3-bet, representing a very strong hand. Against an unknown, I'm folding here, especially as we are out of position. Typically, against 3-bets in a full ring game, I'm dumping anything worse than QQ or AK.
        The 3-bettor is a bit more loose and aggressive, but his range for 3-betting should still be very strong. However, I find many of the 80c short-stackers aren't positionally aware. They will automatically 3-bet 88+ and AJ+, whatever the action in front of them, and then stack off with an underpair or ace high.
        This might actually be a good spot for a 4-bet, since you're out of position and stacks are deep. If you think he's getting out of line with worse than AQ, then this would be a value bet (and a back-raise also reps KK+, which should scare the hell out of him), but you'd also be pretty pleased if he just folds.

        You called and got a good flop. It's standard to check to the raiser here. He makes it 34c into 58c. You don't get much information here, unless you happen to know he usually pots it with TP+, so calling is fine.
        The turn is basically a blank. Villain might be barrelling with AKdd, but mostly I think his range is mostly unchanged: JJ+, AQ+, sometimes TT. You're not actually beating much, just jacks, tens and AK. Villain's bet was less than half pot this time, so I think you're right to feel pretty good about your hand.
        When you call the turn, you're pretty much committed to calling the river, partly because of the size of the pot, and partly because you thought you had the best hand on the turn. That will only change if the river is a king.
        The river completes a backdoor flush draw, but I wouldn't be too worried about that. Villain usually has one pair here. Check-calling the shove is fine, as it seems this aggro player will bet his entire range.

        Villain shows JJ and you should definitely make a note on this. He played his hand in this deep stacked situation exactly how he would when 40bb deep. Short-stacked, it's fairly standard to get your money in with JJ on Qxx flop. 100bb+ deep, it's pure spew to fire three barrels with an underpair.
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          Yeah I always make sure to label those types of players. he now has my yellow label .
          Thanks for the advice, i will make sure to put it to the test next time im in a similar situation.


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            I didn't shove because i expected him to check and i was afraid he actually had a hand . In retrospect I probably should have because he forced me to make a tough decision when I had the chance to take control. Thanks alot umbup:



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