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KK vs fish on bad board

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  • KK vs fish on bad board

    stats 52 hands
    vpip/PFR 80/4
    bet flop %50
    bet turn %61
    AF 3,3
    donkbet 48%

    I was more worried on the flop for the other player, decided to call. When he folded I wanted max value against this guy his straigth draws and flush draws Jx Tx and prolly 9x

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    Not sure what kind of analysis you are looking for here... but will try anyways.

    I really like how you played the hand up until the turn. Squeezing pre-flop is of course the best option out of position. I think you could have actually made your bet a little bit bigger though. The UTG open raiser made a very strong bet so he will probably be willing to call a larger bet or 4-bet all-in. Plus the fish calling is adding a good amount of extra passive dead money into the pot and increasing the pot odds for the open raiser.

    Flop is overall terrible for your hand considering the likely calling ranges of the two villains. You definitely don't want to fold to a 1/3 pot sized bet though with overpair + gutshot so call is good.

    Turn card doesn't help you any, but shouldn't help the villain too often either. It sucks to see him bet out again, but the bet is small enough that I think your still in the same situation as you were on the flop. That being the case I think another call would be the best play. You might have the best hand once and a while, and you have at least 4 outs (maybe 6 if he is betting two pair/set). Raising all-in is a bad choice in my opinion. You can't really expect to get value from any worse hands. Maybe AJ... but your going to get called by better hands the majority of the time. If you called his turn bet and missed the river, you should be folding your overpair very often unless he bets very small.
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      Hi Sj,

      First thing I see is that I think your bet sizing preflop is too small. There is a limp for .10c, then a raise to .45c, and a cold caller. For general 3b sizing in deep stack cash start with 3x the total bet size, and adjust from there... in this case that would be 1.35 but I'd actually raise bigger as 1) there's not just a raiser but also cold caller, putting more dead money in the pot and 2) both the EP isolation raiser and cold caller are showing a pretty serious interest in contesting this pot. So I favor a bigger raise for pure value here... something in the neighborhood of 1.65-1.85. That still leaves plenty room for TT to call and see the flop, and AK to call or come back over the top and 4b. Your raise sizing here looks more like a tournament 3b sizing... in tournaments it's common to size 3b's smaller but you're also dealing with much smaller effective stack sizes most of the time so the smaller 3b is much more threatening/committing to villains. 100+ bb's deep this isn't the case.

      On the flop given the stats of this villain, and his really small donk of 1 into 3.39, I would raise him right here tbh. His lead is not scary at all to me either like you note, this looks a lot like a weak 1 pair hand or draw. If we raise it to like $3, and Player 7 check-raises, I think we have a very easy fold as we will be looking at a set a huge % of the time in that action sequence (unless P7 is a wild spewer). If he folds as I expect will usually happen, we can call a shove from the bad player, or if he flats us, will leave $6 behind with a $9 pot which sets up nice turn shove.

      As played, I don't care for your turn raise... we are not really going to get called by worse hands I don't think so at this point I would just call, and we can call another weak river bet or bet for value ourselves if he checks the river to us.
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        I think you should reraise bigger preflop. You are out of position and you barely raised it up so they can easily call with any hands to try and bust you with good odds. On the flop, yes you were a little worried but when he bets so small into this pot and you're OOP, I like raising it up here to charge the draws now. I think you can easily have the best hand and even if you're behind, you definitely have a solid amount of outs to catch up.
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