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AQo 400NL live 6 handed

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  • AQo 400NL live 6 handed


    Yesterday I had a nice session in a live poker cash game. I came across the following hand and I did not know what to do:

    The blinds are 2€ 2€, and it is a very fishy spewy game. Sometimes even worse than the 2NL at pokerstars

    A very loose over aggressive player that probably over values one pair, like many do in that game. Open raises for 10 BBs. 20€ and his stack was the effective stack of approximately 150€ he played a couple pots where he check - called OOP and shoved the river in my eyes quite randomly. Another note the guy was drinking beer and looked pretty tired. His usual open was limp or 4 to 6x and now 10x. I havent seen him doing that before (later on in the game he did it 2 or 3 more times)

    I am on the button and receive AQo. I decided to fold, since I was unsure about 3betting and not to sure about calling and see a flop for that big of raise. We are 6 handed and AQ is a strong hand

    He did later in the game put his stack in PFR with AQo, he limped 3bet that I believe.

    What would you do?


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    Hey Sjekkkk I like the fold here. Maybe Dave will want to comment on this hand too as he is an experienced nlh live cash game player. I think this raise most often represents a hand that villain knows is strong but he is not confident in seeing a flop. There are essentially two types of hands that fall into this category, AK, and pairs 55-TT. Even if we add some random AQ and some tiny portion of flip outs like KT or A9, we are not going to do amazing versus that range. We can't take a flop very effectively, and we have to commit to the hand if we want to raise. I say just let it go and let him make a mistake. If I had TT though, I would raise and get it in. TT+ AK I would make it like 60 Euro with that entire range and hopefully stack off preflop. umbup:



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