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Bluffing leak?

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  • Bluffing leak?

    No read on opponent just one hand in history, 100/0. Since he limped and called 3bet I assumed he is a passive player. Brutality ABC player - passive, 16/13 3bet 0,5% fold to 3bet 100% C-bet 25% 500 + hands It does not show, but he had AA Pchlitarg - Nitty player 7/5 3bet 0 fold 3bet 100 C-bet 66,7% 126 hands All hans were played on zoom.
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    1. One hand is no sample size at all. But with an overpair in a heads up 3-bet pot vs an unknown limper, I'm going broke here. There are plenty of worse hands that call the flop and the stack sizes make shoving the blank turn fairly obvious.

    2. 3-betting QT and firing 3 barrels with Q high into a player that doesn't fold on this ragged board is suicidal. He's calling with eights, let alone aces.

    3. This villain is an ubernit. He's only playing 7% of hands, and he's raising 5% of them. You know what his range for opening is, don't you? While A7s has a blocker to AA, I can't see this guy folding to a 3-bet with TT+/AK. He plays so few hands that he's not going to fold when he finally gets one he likes. A7s in the SB vs this player is a fold. Firing 3 barrels on another ragged flop is again suicidal. This guy has TT+ every time! Good luck trying to get him off tens or better on a 9-high board!

    Looks like you need to improve your ranging. Against some players and on some boards, these bluffs could work. With the reads you had for these last two hands, it's never going to be +EV to take these lines. It's just spew, frankly.

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      Hand 1 you didn't bluff at all? You could have maybe bet less on river, but if you bet at all you can't fold so shoving is good too.

      Hand 2 and 3 I feel that you really should not be shoving river. I probably wouldn't even two-barrel either of those hands, but it is OK in my opinion. 3-barrel bluffing should be very rarely done at 5NL. (At 2NL it should never be done). Considering the reads you had, the action that unfolded, and the non-scary board cards I think doing anything but check-folding river is a very costly mistake.



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