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Shove bluff after smelling weakness

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  • Shove bluff after smelling weakness

    The villain had been open limping 75% of pots, his overbet on the pot screamed of nothing and I had the open ended straight draw and I figured an overcard to his range so I called. His timid bet on the turn after such a large flop bet made me suspicious even more than he was betting a draw or air. Finally another small bet on the river I decided that the only course of action was to fold or shove over the top to force a fold if he didn't have the nuts. I based most of my reads on his turn bet and the fact that he is opening so many pots.
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    Hi Stangg,

    Although bluffing at these stakes is often not necessary, I like your thought process here given the reads. You could also consider shoving the turn over his smallish bet... when you call it puts 3.37 in the pot and he's only got 4.39 behind so his river bet has to be pretty small (or zero) to successfully bluff, and if he checks after this action sequence I think it will usually be to call given how loose he is, so he basically has to bet small like he actually did (be bluffing or blocking with a weak hand) for this to work.

    Also I think it's important to note that the river card probably helped your cause here... your line of calling the flop and turn looks like a draw, and the obvious draw (diamonds) gets there so the shove reps a flush or better and a flush is certainly possible with how you played. But if we think his flop and turn line combined mean weak, then it makes for a nice semi-bluff raise on the turn.
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      Hi Stangg

      I really like your play. This villain's "play" is my favourite LCD (limp call donk).
      Then thinking please no diamonds LCD bets small on the turn and you representing the river.

      I agree with Dave be careful bluffing low micros and the river helped. You can bluff a thinking player and LCD actually thought about folding.
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