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QQ, bad call?

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  • QQ, bad call?

    Hey guys, i didn't have any information about the villain, but im pretty sure that i made a bad call here and got lucky. I should have followed that Call 20 tip for this one and it would say that i should fold this hand (QQ). What you guys think? Thanks for time and attention, Verarlockloy

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    Actually, Vera, I think you played this perfectly, although you definitely got lucky.
    Villain has a short stack. They might be a tight/solid short-stacker, or they might be a fish that's lost a bunch of chips. Either way, QQ is usually ahead of their opening range in the cutoff, so your 3-bet in the big blind serves a few purposes.
    1. It's a value raise, expecting to get action from worse hands.
    2. It seizes the initiative for when villain calls and you see a flop out of position, allowing you to make a c-bet.
    3. Villain becomes committed to stacking off with most of their range, because calling the 3-bet will mean they've put in about a third of their stack.

    A bad short-stacker will stack off here with any pair, big ace, and even some random junk like A9, KQ or A6s. Even the good/tight SS-ers will get it in with hands like 88 and 77, which you have crushed.
    So when villain shoves over your 3-bet, it's absolutely standard to call with QQ. You're beating a lot of hands they do this with, and you have a good price (pot odds of 102:53 is about 2:1), so you only need 33% equity.
    It just so happens that you ran into the top of villain's range this time and hit your 2-outer, but I'm generally calling here with JJ+, AK, AQs, because villain will definitely show up with worse quite often.

    It would be a completely different situation if villain was 100bb deep or more. A 100bb 4-bet shove would tend to represent a much stronger range, against which you're basically flipping/crushed.

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      Thank you for making this post to explore options to see if you made a +EV decision. You did not let the favorable results lull you into thinking you were right, you sought opinions.

      Most beginning players are extremely results focused. Won a good pot = made a good decision. Lost a big pot = someone else made a bad decision.

      I commend you for questioning your decision making process as this is how poker players grow.

      As to this hand I also call the shove based on the information provided. Only if they were an ultra-rock would I fold.

      Good decisions FTW!



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