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25 NL-6 max Zoom: Flat or rereraise top two on wet board

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  • 25 NL-6 max Zoom: Flat or rereraise top two on wet board

    Only 80 hands on opponent, he seems reggish and rather passive postflop based on the small sample. Think the standard here is to rereraise OTF, but what I dont like about that line is that it allows our opponent to play pretty much perfect against us, since he wont continue with worse hands and probably only continue with sets or combo draws. So what is the best line here? And as a follow up question would that line change against an aggressive opponent who is more likely to X/R light on that board? Greetings almightybald P.S.: the replayer seems a bit weird at the end of the hand, villain X/R me to 3.50. You can see it if you go step by step.
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    Hey almightybald I am worried that three-betting is going to result in us getting it in bad versus a four-bet. I think at this stack depth, given his slightly smaller than 3x check-raise, his cc from the sb, and your general description, we run that risk with three-betting. Three-betting the flop would certainly simplify our decision making process. But I think the line with a higher EV is just calling the x/r. We have position and a strong hand after all. A J is a card that is sneaky bad for us, but I would be happy to call down on K,Q,A run outs. We are going to get into a really tricky spot for sure here, as predicting villain's bluffing frequency and value range on various run outs is going to range from hard to impossible. But such is six max poker. This is a spot to put yourself in on the turn and learn from it/work from there. Focusing on sizing, whether he did or did not fire turn X, these are the things to think about after you bet/call flop. umbup: The deeper you play the tougher some decisions get. But actually if we were much deeper it would be clear we could never three-bet the flop expecting to continue versus a four-bet. Here we are in that middle ground where it is either not the best option, or approaching it.



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