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10nl FR, 2nd pair vs maniac

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  • 10nl FR, 2nd pair vs maniac

    villain VPIP/PFR 43/24 FCB 28 AGGR 3.3 JJ in BB and i raise to isolate one of the two limpers. one folds, one calls. flop comes Q high, somewhat dry, i make a half pot cbet and villain minraises. in the past, ive seen him minraising and check-minraising all kind of flops all day long. becaused of that, i felt compelt to shove knowing i, probably, have the best hand(dont know why i didnt). but that would mean overplaying my hand, right? how do we deal with these maniacs? being patient and when we have a stong made hand, then continue?or going with your gut?

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    Hi Espada,

    I think you have to fold here, you're out of position and have facilitated stacks going in by the river street if he bets the turn.

    I don't really like your c-bet at all in this situation. What are you hoping to accomplish with this bet? Get raised? Cause you said yourself, with the read you have that's what's likely coming. This guy doesn't like to fold to c-bets, he's a borderline maniac who is very aggressive post flop.

    This is a spot where I like to check-call and encourage this villain type to make more of his favorite mistake, wildly aggressing and bluffing too much. Against this type of player I'd be inclined to check-call all 3 streets with JJ. If he shows us some Qx hand it's no big deal, he will sometimes of course but he was never folding that post flop anyway and check-calling may save you some $ as stacks won't get in. It stinks when he has some garbage and gets a lucky draw out, but those few times are more than made up for by all the times he bluffs it off with 9 high or 24s because he can't help himself.
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