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Calling down with top 2 pairs

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  • Calling down with top 2 pairs

    [replay hand_id=436651 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=1411DBBE31]

    stats: 33/25, flop_cbet=80, turn_cbet=50, af=4, 52 hands

    It was zoom and had no specific reads on him, but given his wide range and aggression, i decided to call him down.
    Do you think i should give respect to the size of the river bet and give up, even against him?

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    Hi 3revos,

    Against an aggro player with stats like those, I think calling down is optimal. He's potting every street, so there's a chance he flopped a set and is taking you to valuetown, hoping you have exactly AQ, but I think he also takes this line with AK/AJ (which you beat) and even some worse Aces. Sometimes you'll be chopping with another AQ.
    I'd actually still call on the river with AK, as the pot-sized bet on the river can also be a missed flush draw that turned top pair, with AhXh.

    It's pretty sick that villain rivered the nuts with KT here, but you can take a couple of useful notes that will save/win you money in future.

    1. Pot-sized c-bet w KT on Qxx flop. (Bets big with air)
    2. Pot-sized turn c-bet w gutshot KT on QxxA. (Barrels with draws)

    If this guy frequently barrels big with weak draws, then he's a perfect candidate to call down against when you make top pair. Just grit your teeth and make hero calls against him, as he appears pretty spewy.
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