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NL 10 AQ TPTK wierd action by bb

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  • NL 10 AQ TPTK wierd action by bb

    Hello guys sometimes I get into those spot with TPTK in drawy boards. Many times I just find villains overplay their hands putting you on a draw so I called till the river. Would you find a fold here against a 60/40 ag 16...? When I get miniraised I never know where I stand, they might do it with 2 pair, draws or simply TP

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    Hi Mind,

    Not sure about your stats tbh... against a villain truly playing those stats I would proceed with TPTK like it's the nuts. It's not the nuts obv but vs. a maniac it's good enough as they'll spew it in with so many worse hands in addition to the ones beating us. I am left questioning the sample size however as these numbers (60/40 A16) look suspiciously like 5 or 10 hands of data which means basically not reliable yet.

    Against non-maniacs I don't think we're good very often here. It's not just a min-raise, it's a bet/3b line which looks super strong, and the min 3b isn't expecting you to fold to it, it's expect you to continue. I'm ok with folding right here tbh against non-maniacs, since we have little room for improvement on the turn, or you might call if unsure and use our position to see how the turn goes... but I'd be prepared to release to a big turn barrel absent improvement and reads.
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      yes you're right the sample size is small is about 30 hands so no reliable at all. But in micros you always find people that come, play a hand loose or win the stack and then runaway. Against a reg, sometimes I do call for info, and I find that sometimes they're just bluffing with A rag so I never know where I stand.
      There's so much to learn in this game.
      Thanks coach



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