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2nl 6max zoom-Get The Money In With TPTK?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Get The Money In With TPTK?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, The villian on the button here had stats of 18/16 3bet%7 and 3bet Vs Early pos % of 5 (3/60) over 552 hands so a pretty solid opponent. I decided to flat call the 3bet here i dont think im going to get much value from worse hands and i still have an utg raiser behind me.Also i was comfortable with the stack to pot ratio if i can make my hand. The stack to pot ratio ended up being about 4.1 so not to bad to stack off with a tptk hand. I decided to lead out into the raiser,maybe i could have check to let them cbet wider but i was comfortable with my hand here also it wasnt the most dry board,and i do have 2 blockers to AA,KK. The villian then almost min raises me.Given the stack to pot ratio should i get the rest of the money in? I lead out with the plan of getting stacks in to a raise, remembering Dave saying many times to have a plan for your hand, but sometimes you cant help but second guess yourself. Thanks Alot
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    Hi Nashy,

    This solid opponent is repping a very strong hand when he 3-bets vs UTG. His range is something like JJ+, AK and maybe TT and AQ. He might even have the occasional bluff with a suited connector. You're not in great shape against that range, but you can get value from QQ or worse if you hit the flop and he misses. Since the UTG player is still to act, I'd sometimes fold here, especially if UTG is a nit, as he'll be 4-bet shoving his big pairs. (Folding AK pre-flop sounds crazy, but there are times to make the laydown. Maybe not in this hand, but occasionally in a full ring game). When you call and UTG folds, the stack to pot ratio is indeed low enough for you to commit when you get a good flop.
    I much prefer checking to the raiser on the flop. Your donk bet could make hands like JJ fold. If he has an underpair, you want him to bet it.
    As played, you led out and got raised. You have to get it in, but villain will show you AA/KK/TT a fair proportion of the time. You'll also be chopping quite often and losing a few cents to rake.
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