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5NL zoom flopped set against aggro fish board turned bad

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  • 5NL zoom flopped set against aggro fish board turned bad

    This guy was playing 77/44 over 9 hands Opened 77 in the cutoff and got 3bet, We were deep so figured I could call his 3bet OOP and flopped a set. Check raised the flop figuring he might push but he called then a possible str8 came and I decided to check call. River gave possible flush another str8 and he bet pretty big. Board was 57TJA. After this hand his stats were 80/50/AF 4.0 Against a pretty much unknown player is it better to fold and wait for a better spot?

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    Hey will,

    Preflop is fine so deep. I would raise flop a lot bigger since I would strive to get more money in on the later streets with those stacksizes.

    I think you made your life hard by checking turn. I would always continue valuebetting here against all his Overpair/Tx type hands. Not only may checking cost you value, oftentimes you also start to get into guessing game mode against unknown villains with calling down a made hand when boards run out like this. The river puts out a number of handcombos out there that beat you so it is really tough to decide if villain

    a) plays enough worse hands preflop like this so he can actually show up with 2 pair combos here
    b) peels light postflop and valuebets thinly so he can show up with hands like AK/AQ/AJ/AT type hands here
    b) is capable of running a huge bluff/turning made hands into bluffs

    These are factors I wouldn't want to take guesses at so I think going for a big bet OTT and shoving the river for value yourself is the way to go.
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      Yeah got a bit mixed up on this one. Got carried away with trying to keep bluffs in his range. Fortunately for me he was capable of running a huge bluff. 34o he turned up with to my relief.



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