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5NL - bet flop, check turn, bet river line

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  • 5NL - bet flop, check turn, bet river line

    Hi, What do you think of the line I took in this 3bet pot with TPTK? Villain is unknown I bet flop for value and decide to check turn for two reasons: 1. induce a bet OTT and I c/r shove 2. I don't think I can get 3 streets of value from worse; so I check turn with intention to bet river to keep hands like QQ/JJ/TT in Do you think c/shoving turn is profitable? and do you see any missed value by checking turn in this spot?

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    Hi geo,

    V1 is unknown but what about V5? I will assume fishy since he's open limping, you might consider not 3-betting a fish out of the pot here.

    As played I think your post flop line is good. Without reads we can't expect 3 streets of value from worse like you said, so checking the turn makes the most sense to me, it should induce call downs from pocket pairs for a 2nd street of value on the river from them, and allows him to pull the trigger on any light floats getting us extra value from those too. I think checking the turn is better than checking the flop, as the preflop 3-bettor we'd be expected to c-bet a dry K high board when we don't like it as it's a good board to rep, so checking may look too fishy like a slow play.
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      Hi Dave,

      In case he bet turn after we check, we go over the top right?



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