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5NL - deep stack spot with TPTK in 3bet pot

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  • 5NL - deep stack spot with TPTK in 3bet pot

    Hi PSO-ers, What turn line would you consider in this spot? Villain is 31/22/1 (376 Hands) EP PFR 32% (57 Hands) Fold to 3Bet 75% (16 Hands) Fold to Cbet IP 36% (11 Hands) Raise Cbet 9% (11 Hands) Do you like my 3bet? Sizing okay or maybe should be slightly larger? What sort of hands do you think he will call us with pre-flop and min raise turn?

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    Hi geo,

    I think it's ok to not 3b pre in this spot. Ask yourself why are you 3-betting? What's your goal in taking this action? When we have AK part of that goal should be value, but I don't see how we are getting any here. This villain knows how to fold to a 3b, and your action after 2 players flat his raise shows a ton of strength, so I suspect he is only going to continue with the strongest parts of his range which puts us in really bad post flop situations in a bloated pot out of position. It may be better to keep the preflop pot small by calling, and keep all his dominated aces and kings in play. 3-betting does have the possible advantage of folding everyone out and taking down .50c immediately, and that has some value, but I suspect it's out weighed by the big pots we lose playing out of position vs. a strong range or getting stacks in preflop bad.

    As played I would consider checking the flop. Seems like you're not ranging him here, at least you didn't state any range. What worse hands are going to call our c-bet given the preflop action? We are praying he has AQs basically, as I suspect worse folds pre. And the big pairs that didn't make a set will fold here as well. I think our best chance to maximize value is to create some doubt about us not liking the ace out there seeing as we just got lucky against a fair bit of his range but those hands won't be likely to continue to a c-bet now.

    When he raises the flop I think our only real option is to call. His value range is crushing us (we are tied or beat by most of it, as I think he would only call with AQs not raise us), but he might be testing to see if we don't like the ace since our preflop action will have a lot of big pairs in it. I'm not ready to fold just yet but if we reraise I can't see us ever getting called by worse.

    Yes this puts us in an awkward position on the turn, but that takes me back to my first thoughts on this hand.
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