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2nl 6max zoom-Uncomfortable Spot

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Uncomfortable Spot

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, Felt pretty uncomfortable in this spot when i get two callers preflop after i made my large 3bet for value. The deep stacked villian (500bbs) has stats of 35/25 but only 12 hands,the shorter stacked villian has stats of 24/16 over 38 hands. Its not a great flop against 2 opponents but im still most likely ahead,so i decided to cbet,although looking back i think i could have bet bigger.The short stack shoves and all i can do is call. The turn comes down and i didnt feel that great to be honest but i have 90cents behind into $3.66 and i think am still ahead some of the time,but as i said never really comfortable here.Shove the rest? Thanks Alot

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    Hi Nashy,

    Pre-flop is good, because it sets up a low stack to pot ratio. I understand your discomfort when you get two callers, but you're not going to have to make tricky situations on multiple streets, because of the stacksize situation. These villains are fairly loose over a small sample, but are difficult to put on ranges after this action. I'd put them on medium pairs or suited Broadways or something like that.

    When you see the flop, it should be clear that you're never folding. You have the best overpair, the pot is already nearly a dollar and you have less than two dollars left in your stack. The stack to pot ratio is about 2:1. With an SPR of less than 3:1, it's absolutely standard to stack off when you flop an overpair, TPTK, or NFD. Here, you have a big overpair that is crushing KK-JJ and only losing to TT/99/44. Villains will be similarly pot-committed with top pair and strong draws. Sometimes they'll get it in with underpairs like 88, figuring you have AK/AQ and they have good equity.

    So the c-bet is fine (in fact I might bet a little smaller to get calls or induce a shove by worse), with the plan being to call a shove, or get the rest in on safe turn cards. Here, the only turn cards I wouldn't be stacking off with would be tens, as Tx is a likely holding for one of these villains.
    You can also get value here from draws like QJ and maybe loose calls from KQ/KJ gutshots.

    Short-stacked Villain_1 probably feels committed to shoving any pair or draw here. He might have JJ-77 (including sets), top pair (AT/KT/QT/JT), top two, or draws as mentioned above. I guess you only call because his shove doesn't constitute a legal raise. If you had the option, then getting it all in would be OK here, as you have an overpair in a 3-bet pot and the stack to pot ratio is ridiculous.

    The turn is not a great card, as QJ and KT just got there, but I'm getting it in. Putting 90c into 3.66 and expecting a call most of the time, you only need 90/(366+90+90) = 90/546 = 16% equity 3-ways to break even.
    Sometimes, villain 5 will fold, so you isolate the all in shorty. Since his range is fairly wide, you have a good chance to turn a profit here.

    Hope this helps!

    Bracelet Winner



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