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10NL 6 Max Overpair Value?

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  • 10NL 6 Max Overpair Value?

    Villain's an Unknown, less than 10 hands with him. When he minraises the Flop, better to flat or go ahead reraise and get it in since he might be doing so with 77+? I chose to flat to keep his bluffs and without info on him, thought that he might not get it in with a naked pair. Of course he may have . OTT, he bets 1/3 pot, felt like a weak follow-through bluff by him. A probably would have bet larger. I went ahead to raise for value. OTR, went for max value from any PP, maybe even a 6x will call. If he raises, we're committed to call. Is my thought process here right? Should we be worried about when he minraises and we go for pot ctrl line OTT and OTR?

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    Hey Awesome I think the clearest error you made in this hand is not three-betting the flop. I would raise the 80 cents to 2$ or perhaps 2.20. I think it is pretty often that this player is going to have an inferior pocket pair to yours and you would benefit the most from raising again expecting them to continue wih worse just a ton of the time. The problems with calling and checking the turn are 1 you could have got more money in crushing earlier, building a pot that commits him with inferior holdings 2 scare cards to some of the weaker portions of his flop min raise range could come, costing your potential $. Such as Q if he has 55 or 77. 3 if he is bluff raising now with an air hand like KQ we shouldn't actually expect him to continue to bluff on this board texture in the future, as it is pretty clear we are representing a made hand by bet-calling flop. umbup:


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      Hi Gareth thanks I see where you're coming from. Against his range of { JJ-55, 22, A2s, 32s, A2o, 32o } we're 65% favourite OTF.

      So if we 3bet Flop and he reraises, we be happy getting it all-in?
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        hey Awesome

        Sorry I thought I got back on this. Short answer: yes. We are three-betting flop in order to get it in. We aren't interested in three-betting to fold v his four betting range but value bet his calling range.

        If we aren't comfortable getting it in then our decision is between call and fold and we should lean towards fold.


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          Thanks! He had A2o, weird he took the passive line OTT and OTR. I agree we should still get it in OTF since we're 65% fav



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