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66, increassing value of hand

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  • 66, increassing value of hand

    Hey guys, see if i made the right decision. There were a lot of ppl on the hand, so after the flop and the the set made, the re-raise was to gain value for my hand. Anyway the guy stacked off and had straight on the flop ... Please tell me how i could have played better here. Thanks Verarlockloy

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    Hi Vera,

    I don't really like the over-limp here, as there are too many players still to act. A competent player will make a big raise to destroy your set-mining odds, or you'll get so many limpers that flopping a set of 6s is no longer guaranteed to be the best hand. In later position, you could over-limp, but I think you should fold this time and wait for a better spot.
    As played, the button makes a very small raise that doesn't force anyone out of the pot, so you see the flop 6-handed, which is pretty crazy, even at 2NL.
    You flopped a set on a pretty wet board and the big blind donks out. Your raise is fine. Calling would mean anyone with a flush or straight draw could call and have a good price to try and suck out. The button 3-bets all in on the flop. Since he raised pre, his range includes overpairs (AA-TT) that you beat, but he also might have the nut flush draw with AKs (which you also beat), or a set of 9s or 8s, that have you crushed.
    I'm never folding here. Even though we're beat sometimes, it's generally a very bad idea to fold a set on the flop at 2NL. (I've done it twice in 100,000 hands). It's especially true here, because you've already invested a big chunk of your stack and the pot is now huge.
    So getting it in is good. It's absolutely shocking that villain showed 75s for the straight here. His pre-flop raise did not rep a hand like that at all!
    Against the straight you still have a chance to make a boat or quads, but didn't get lucky here.

    Other than your limp in early position (which isn't terrible, just not optimal) you didn't do anything wrong here. Villain made a weird play and got spectularly lucky.

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