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QQ, facing a bluffer

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  • QQ, facing a bluffer

    Hey guys please, analyse this hand: The raiser was bluffing a lot lately, so after the flop as i i had top pairs and straight draw, do you think i made the right decision stacking off? Thanks a lot Verarlockloy

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    Hi Vera,

    You said this player was bluffy, but you didn't say if this villain was loose/aggressive pre-flop. I think you can 3-bet pre with QQ in this spot. I'd do this for three reasons.
    1. There are already two people in the pot and I'd rather be heads up, not give other players a good price to also play. (QQ plays best against one opponent, not several).
    2. I think you can get called by worse, so it's a value raise.
    3. By 3-betting, you seize the initiative and will usually have the opportunity to make a c-bet on the flop, forcing the villain to make a difficult decision.

    By calling, we kind of need to flop a set to be sure we're ahead. Here the flop of JT9 gives you an overpair and OESD, but this board connects with tons of hands that could already be beating you. Fortunately, the first villain makes a small bet and there's a call. You're getting a great price to see if you can hit the straight. By raising (and especially shoving) you're likely to only get action from a made hand that is beating you.
    Another reason to just call is that if villain is bluffing, then he's never calling a raise with air, so you won't get any value. To beat bluffers, you just have to make a hand and then call down to showdown, allowing the bluffer to spew off his chips. (Against airball bluffs, you can make value calls, not value raises).
    Here he shows up with KK (even maniacs have a hand sometimes) and I think he made a bad call. (I'd be folding KK there, because hands like JT, TT, 99 are definitely in a button's cold-calling range, and you're repping one of those).
    When making a move like this in future, ask yourself if it's for value or as a bluff. If it's for value, then be sure you can be called by worse. If there aren't many worse hands that can call your shove, then don't make the move. Just try and get to showdown cheaply, where you'll win sometimes, but lose the minimum when you're beat.

    Hope this helps.
    Bracelet Winner



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