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5nl FR, KK raised on ccordinated board vs two oppo

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  • 5nl FR, KK raised on ccordinated board vs two oppo

    villain 7 VPIP/PFR 95/10 AGGR 0 villain 5 VPIP/PFR 63/26 AGGR 8 got minraised by villain 5, villain 7 calls and i also call. based on villain 5 stats i didnt feel he had a set or a str8, but i took a passive line in case i was wrong. turn checks through(now im certain i have the best hand), river comes the worst possible card for me and now villain pots it. obviously, i cant call and i ended up folding should i have shoved OTF when he raised? he could be raising with 44,66,65s,54s

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    Hi Espada,

    I like 3-betting the flop and stacking off. While villain will have a set or a straight some of the time, the bulk of his range is pocket pairs that you are crushing.
    e.g. If villain 5 has 99 or 88 here, he thinks he has the best hand, so he's (min-)raising to protect it from overcards on later streets.
    He'd also raise with the hands you mentioned, along with A5/A3/A2 and some total air, as he's very aggro.
    When you have a big overpair, and the board is very low, there are so many overpairs you beat, that stacking off is rarely a bad mistake. Against a nit that would only raise a set here, it would be a fold. Against these two fish, I'm getting it in, expecting to be called by hands we completely dominate.

    As played, the river was brutal and your fold is clearly correct.
    Bracelet Winner



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