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5nl FR, an overpair and the 2nd nut FD

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  • 5nl FR, an overpair and the 2nd nut FD

    villain 7 95/10 villain 1 45/0 title says it all. what do i do now?

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    Hi Espada,

    These villains are very loose, so your 3-bet is a great value bet. On the flop, your c-bet is good, as I think these guys will call with top pair and various pairs with flush draws, like 88/TT.
    When villain 1 minraises, I think he has a made flush most of the time, but it's probably not the nut flush. (Passive players love slowplaying the nuts). He could also have a set. I think you can just call the minraise and see if you hit the flush on the turn. If villain has a made flush, you only have 7 outs, but the price is a bargain.
    If you 3-bet and get the money in on the flop, you're almost always getting it in bad against this passive player. So just call, and then check to him on the turn. If you get a good price to keep chasing the flush, then you can call, but if he shoves the turn, you can make a disciplined fold.
    We beat 45/0 fish by valuebetting when we're almost certainly ahead, and by folding when they give us reason to believe we're not. If he prices you in to draw out on him, go for it. If he doesn't, get out of the way.
    Against a more aggressive TAG player, I'd be more inclined to stack off on the flop, as he could raise the flop with the bare Ah.

    Hope this helps.
    Cheers, Arty
    Bracelet Winner



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