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5NL - NFD vs Nit multiway

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  • 5NL - NFD vs Nit multiway

    Hi PSO-ers, What do you think of this? UTG is 12/8/1 (51 Hands) 1. Do you like the raise? With one more person behind do we prefer a call? (If SB was 100bb would this make a difference?) 2. What do you range our opponent when he flats our raise? 3. OTT would you x/f or b/f? I went for the most aggressive line by x/shoving figuring that we might have some fold equity against QQ/JJ/TT/KQ. I don't figure he would flat with AK or AA here (especially that we have a blocker to both those hands)? What do you think (perhaps this is not a good opponent for such a line)?

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    Hi geo,

    I don't like check-raising... what is your goal, what are you trying to accomplish with this action?

    Villain 4 rates to be strong in this spot, either check and call, or if you want to semi-bluff then I'd prefer to lead out. This way the short stack may call and be trapped between us and the PFR, which makes it very hard for the PFR to raise with strong 1 pair hands. And V3 might raise you with pairs below your Q or worse draws, which puts huge pressure on V4 and may get you HU with very good hand equity vs. the shorty.

    I also don't like check-shoving, it's a strong semi-bluffing line for sure but I don't think there's much "bluff" component here due to the fishy villain type and his generally strong range here. If there's a negligible bluff component, then you're basically just charging yourself the maximum to draw.
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      Thanks Dave. Yea, I totally see what you mean, it's what I was thinking about after the hand played out. Somehow I slipped into the shadows of hyper-aggro FPS... again :p

      But would you consider a x/shove line vs different kind of opponents?



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