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2nl 6max zoom-Got Into Trouble Post Flop

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Got Into Trouble Post Flop

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, i posted this hand because i got lost on the turn,the villian has stats of 23/14 3bet% 11 and had 3bet K9s,109s and AK 118 hands.I 4bet for value because i think this villian is 3betting wide,but given stack depth maybe i could have flat called there. They call my 4bet and i flop the nut flush draw and i think its a good spot to continue,and i get a call.i found it hard at this point to put my opponent on a hand here maybe JJ,QQ The turn came a Q and i have to say i didnt really know what to do,Check fold?,continue and get stacks in? i wasnt shaw so i checked and the villian commits with a large bet. would appreciate any help

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    the pot is big enough to put him all in by the turn, you've got nut flush draw and nut gut what you're waiting for?


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      I think this is a standard spot to fire a second barrel. You picked up 3 more outs, and the queen will scare off some hands that called on the flop (99-77, Tx) that are beating you.
      You might have as many as 18 outs to win this hand. (Any spade, any jack, ace or king), so I'm committed to stacking off on the turn, as almost half of all river cards improve your hand.
      I think a bet of $1 achieves the purpose of getting some better hands to fold, and if villain shoves over the bet, you can make a pots odds call, as you'll only have to call 87c into a final pot of $6.44, meaning you only need 13.5% equity.
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