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10nl 6max, KQ- top pair in a 3bet pot

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  • 10nl 6max, KQ- top pair in a 3bet pot

    villain stats VPIP/PFR 36/24 ST 25 F3B 33 AGGR 1 since this guy is somewhat loose, i decided to 3bet my blockers.flop comes QTx giving me TPGK, but i think this flop hits opponent's range too. what i want to ask is what is the line here? bet-bet-check? check-call on or two streets? check-bet-bet(providing he checks back)? bet-check-call one or two streets? bet-check-check?

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    Hi Espada,

    First of all I think it may be better in spots like this to flat call preflop rather than 3b. This guy doesn't like to fold it seems, so when we 3B we are often going to be playing a bloated pot out of position with king high against sticky villain, not terribly exciting. Where as when we flat we'll keep the pot smaller and his range as wide as possible, meaning when we hit a pair on the flop it will often be top pair and usually be the best hand as well, and we can extract value from sticky opponents who can't lay down worse kickers, 2nd pair, etc., and with his range as wide as possible he'll make more of those weak made hands with which to station us with.

    As played I don't mind checking the turn, but I would do so with the intent to call at least 1 bet. And his bet sizing is so small here, it really looks like a weak holding not wanting to give AK a free card, so I would definitely continue vs. this bet and probably bet the river now. Reason being on a blank river weak 1 pairs like 88 may well check down since they can beat AK, but a sticky guy will pay us off if we lead now, especially after check-calling the turn.
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