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5nl FR, KK on wet board

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  • 5nl FR, KK on wet board

    another gross spot 2nd hand on this table, so no reads villain UTG raises,one caller and i squeeze from the BTN with KK. i get only one call, from the initial raiser. flop comes coordinated with three suits. i cbet for value(and protection) and villain check-raises, almost a minraise, leaving almost half of his stack behind. now what? call, shove or fold? even his worst part of his preflop calling range play well against me. i could even be drawing dead

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    Hi Espada,

    This is all fine up to and including your c-bet, but I think we have to fold to the check-raise despite the great odds. While it's possible villain is doing this with a worse overpair than yours, he probably has the heart draw to go with it. Against a hands like JhJx, you only have 56% equity. Against the bare Ah (with a hand like AhQx), it's a flip. Villain is also raising all made flushes and sets. Against those, you're crushed.

    If I've got villain's raising range correct, your equity is about 36%, so you'd be getting it in bad if you shoved here. If he'd check-raise with overpairs with no draw, it's much closer.

    Board: 6h5h4h
    Equity Win Tie
    Hero 36.54% 34.58% 1.96% { KdKs }
    Vill 63.46% 61.51% 1.96% { 66-44, QdQh, QhQs, QhQc, JdJh, JhJs, JhJc, TdTh, ThTs, ThTc, 9d9h, 9h9s, 9h9c, 8d8h, 8h8s, 8h8c, 7d7h, 7h7s, 7h7c, AhKh, AhQh, AhJh, AhTh, AhKd, AhKs, AhKc, AhQd, AhQs, AhQc }

    Readless, I think a fold here is solid.

    Bracelet Winner



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