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10nl 6max, 3bet pot- QQ on KKx flop

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  • 10nl 6max, 3bet pot- QQ on KKx flop

    had only 17 hands on villain and he was playing 64/64 i 3bet my QQ, against his UTG raise, for value flop comes KKx. in normal pots i would cbet this flop, but in 3bet pots i tend to be more careful. my plan was to see the turn, and if he checked(didnt have a K) go for two streets of value. or is it better to bet the flop, and check the turn for pot control? if i choose the second line and he bets the river, that will put me on a tough spot

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    Hey Espada

    Why can't you bet the turn for value if your opponent check-calls the flop?

    A villain playing wild, or that, given 17 hands, we suspect is going to be playing wide, should be value bet pretty aggressively. We block KQ combinations and he is likely to have four-bet AK with some, unknown frequency.

    It is a bit thin but you still extract maximum value from pocket pairs that are worse than yours and get some check-calls with AJ/AQ type hands on the flop.

    I would prefer to go bet-bet-check or check-bet-bet than to have bet-check-? in our arsenal this hand.

    One of the reasons check-bet-bet is in play is that this is a dry board and we don't need to protect our hand. The advantage this line has above b-b-x is that it can induce turn bluffs and turn protection bets. We can call both of these and value bet the latter when they check the river.

    But I think this is a great spot to get two streets from 88, so if I am betting the flop I am usually betting the turn versus this villain type.



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