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10nl 6max, barrel the turn?

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  • 10nl 6max, barrel the turn?

    no stats on villain turn gives me some additional outs and my question is do i barrel again, because what called OTF with will probably call the turn(and im sure im beat), or do i check back trying to hit my hand?

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    Hi Espada,

    I tend to barrel again in spots like this. When you c-bet half the pot after opening the button, I think we are going to get called once by a lot of weaker holdings that won't continue to a barrel (8x, 7x, 44, AJ, etc), we get called on the flop simply because a player in your shoes has nothing so often. I like a bigger bet sizing now to really rep the king on the turn, like .65c. If we actually held a hand like AK, this is probably similar to what we'd do with the board getting wet and for value vs. KT-KQ, so it's very credible. If we get called again we'll be glad we bloated the pot more when a diamond comes. Probably giving up the river if we get called again and miss, since without reads I don't expect him to check-call twice with a made hand then fold the river. And we have some showdown value as well on blanks (we're currently beating T9, A6, a loose JT, etc... there's a few possible hands out there we're beating).

    Also if we bet the turn and get check-raised, I'd rate him to be pretty strong in that spot (lots of big kings at least, if not 2 pair+), and we will be able to call with the back door nut draw. Like we bet .65, he raises to 1.75, we call 1.10 more into a pot of 3.31 with another $7 behind in our stack for diamond rivers. He has to check-raise for a pretty big overbet to price us off our back door draw, so I'm not concerned with that happening.
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