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NL2 AKs 3bet vs reg oop flop action

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  • NL2 AKs 3bet vs reg oop flop action

    Here we go again, I can't win those spot, I get called with 0 fold equity every time. Villain is a 22/18 f3bet 0 in 77h fcbet 0. How I played this hand? Should I have bet more on turn and checl folded river? By the river I see 0 fold so I checked I just keep losing everyday and I cant afford a coach right now I keep jumping between nl2, nl5 and nl10 based on my bankroll. I'll post my graph to get you an idea. crying mode on

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    Hi Mind,

    Pre-flop is fine. When the button calls the 3-bet in position, he often has a medium pocket pair or decent suited connector like T9s or QJs.
    Your c-bet is fine, but I doubt villain is folding TT-88 just yet. The turn is kind of a good card to barrel, as you picked up a bunch of additional outs, but most hands that called on the flop are not going to fold on this turn card, as a 4 is not going to scare them.
    I'd sometimes just check and call a bet here, as villain will probably give you the right odds to call with your draw (up to 15 outs if he has a medium pair or QJ/JT). Sometimes villain will even check behind, so you get a free card.
    On the river, it's pointless betting again, as this card either doesn't scare villain, or it's improved his hand, so check-fold should be the plan.
    It sucks when you have a big draw and it doesn't hit. You played this hand fine, so don't be too upset. Your luck will turn eventually.

    Bracelet Winner


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      ehehe the thing is that if If I make those calls with TT/99/JJ I always find overpairs lol
      thank you as always



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