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10nl Zoom - AKo UTG facing, 3bet from the BTN 200bb deep.

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  • 10nl Zoom - AKo UTG facing, 3bet from the BTN 200bb deep.

    Hi guys, Recently I've managed to play AK quite well but this hand really had me stumped. It was the depth of stacks and being OOP that confused me. The player is an unknown, he was playing 2 tables and had built his stack to 200bb but without reads it's hard to know whether he just luckboxed it there. I open and get 3bet by said villain to a standardish size, I don't expect pleyers to 3bet bluff vs an UTG open so I think his range is probably quite solid. Probably something like this JJ+,AQs+,AQo+. Could the fact that we're deep affect his 3betting range? I'm really unsure what the best course of action is when facing a 3bet in this situation. I hate calling, it leaves us OOP without initiative with a hand that will often flop A high and there is a lot of money left to play. I also think folding is a bad, we have a good hand so I don't particularly like foldiing preflop. So this leaves 4betting, the problem I have with 4betting is that when we face a 5bet we have to fold. We can't call as it will leave us facing hard decision post flop for the same reasons mentioned above; and if we shove I don't expect to be called by worse. To counter this I think we could do one of two things. 4bet small or 4bet big. 4 betting small to say like £2-$2.20 allows us to fold without investing too much, this also might entice villain to call more with hands we either dominate or we can play well against postflop such as med PP's (if he would 3bet these which I'm not entirely sure he would). The only problem I have with 4betting small is it might invite villain to try a sneaky 5 bet bluff, am I being paranoid or could the villain actually try this? 4 betting big to around $3.50-$4.00 also allows us to fold and imo more clearly as it will put the villain to a tougher decision as he'll have to shove or fold and I don't think many players, if any, are 5bet shoving with AKo or even AKs when this deep. 4 betting big also allows for easier decisions postflop as if we hit a TPTK hand we can often commit easilt due to the low SPR. The problem with 4betting big is we will fold out alot hands we play well against and in some cases isolate ourselves against AK,QQ,JJ which may be hard to play against OOP when we miss. I'm leaning towards 4 betting small, however 4 betting big has many advantages so I'm not sure. Help? Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I will generally call and try to keep the pot somewhat small on this depth of money. Yes we have to play the pot OOP and without the initiative but we'll also get to play against his entire 3-betting range (some of which we crush) and have some room to maneuver post flop.

    If we 4b I think in generally we tend to fold out the parts of his range we are playing well against and get action from the parts we don't (QQ+). We are somewhat value owning ourselves.

    I would 4b to about 2.65 and begrudgingly fold to a 5b, but again don't think that's optimal 200bb's deep vs an unknown. We have to hope he doesn't 5b us with AQ or 98s just because, and we have to hope he doesn't flat with KK-AA to let us hang ourselves. The pot will be very bloated after our 4b if he calls so he could flat the monsters here in position and have us in a really bad spot.
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