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10nl Zoom - QQ against unknown. Facing river donk.

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  • 10nl Zoom - QQ against unknown. Facing river donk.

    Hi guys, As stated in the title the villain is an unknown, typically I assumed him to be weak not only was his line odd but he was playing a 70bb stack. Everything is standard preflop, the flop is an easy bet for value as worse pairs, both those that hit the board and PP's will likely call a bet. Also they are a tonne of draws that can call. The turn brings very little in the way of fold equity and I think he'll fold only a very small portion of his range so another easy value bet. The river he donks into me, his bet is really small so I only need about 25% equity vs his range to call. I think he would take this line with A5, J9s, T8s as well as other better made hands. I discount sets as I think he would raise on the flop as it is very wet and if he doesn't he would almost certainly raise the turn when he boats up (or makes quads). Basically I'm unsure whether he has a bluffing range, stuff like T9 and JT would surely check aiming to check it down. Would missed flush draws bet here hoping to win the pot? His bet seems weak but given the size but would he really try bluff with busted draws after I've fired preflop the flop and the turn? Thanks for any help. Oliver
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    Hi Oliver,

    I think our hand is to strong to fold given the uncertainty, the price, and the type of villain. But at the same time I doubt (no way to be certain but doubt) that our hand is good enough if all $5.73 goes in on the river to make me like raising, so that leaves calling as my preferred option here.

    Would he really try to bluff in this spot with a smallish bet? The other day I had a fish donk into me on the river for 1/10th of the pot. I only had a modest pair but decided it was worth paying that off to see what he played in this manner. He had check/called twice on a gut shot and missed, so had a complete bluff. Bad players do things that make no sense all the time.
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