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Bank Roll Builder. BB Vs. Late Position

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  • Bank Roll Builder. BB Vs. Late Position

    HI, here I was on BB position with 36s and facing raise, then check-raise after the flop
    Last edited by Kozliki; Wed Mar 20, 2013, 12:54 PM. Reason: I was on BB, not on SB

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    **moved to NLHE cash hand analysis**
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      Hi Koz,

      I'm not really sure what advice you are asking for, so here is what I would do / do differently.

      Firstly, I would be folding 36s pre-flop. You are out of position and still have the early position limper to act behind you. Best case scenario = going 3-way to a flop out of position with a poor hand.

      The flop is relatively decent for our hand. Checking to the raiser is standard here and I would suspect one of our opponents to be holding an ace at this point. I am surprised to see it check round but middling pocket pairs and some aces are still an option for the raiser, and the limper could have any 2 cards really (difficult without reads). As we are playing 63, we probably are looking to check call as this flop doesnt get much better for us (otherwise why play 63...)

      The turn improves our hand slightly, but ultimately doesnt change the hand - we are still behind any middling pairs and aces, so I would check again here. You decide to min bet and limper folds. You get min-raised, so have to call hoping to hit a 6 / straight, as our opponent can still have many hands that beat us.

      We hit the straight on the river and are only beaten by hearts or an 8. Runner-runner hearts seem unlikely as I would've expected a bigger turn raise, but 88 is possible. I like the big bet you make as this looks like a steal a lot of the time as there is no way the opponent is putting us on 63. We are getting called here by most aces and some pocket pairs, so you extract value well.

      However, my overall conclusion is that 63 is a crap hand, so folding pre-flop will be the best play in the long term.



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        Hi Kozliki, Welcome to the PokerSchoolOnline forum. Please have a look around and click >HERE< to see what the site has to offer. Let us know what you think. Good luck at the tables! iggyo umbup:
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          Hi Kozliki,

          Looks like this is a play money cash game table... Firstly I think we should generally fold to the raise preflop playing 100 bb effective stacks.

          On the flop I would actually lead out, we can get people without an ace to fold immediately some of the time, and we have hand equity when the ace is out there. Plus 4 of our straight outs are a bit tainted in that they put a 4-liner to a straight on board (if 2 hits it will be harder to get paid off than if a 7 comes), so leading now helps gain value when someone does have an ace and we catch a 2.

          when it checks around I like leading the turn, but the bet sizing is too small, a min bet of 200 into 1300 looks like what you actually have, a weak hand. Put some pressure on hands like TT to fold.

          River bet is good, I'd think he checks down this river card with a lot of worse hands with which he'd call a bet with.
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