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10nl 6max, 2 pair OTT...shove or fold?

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  • 10nl 6max, 2 pair OTT...shove or fold?

    villain was playing VPIP/PFR/3bet 80/25/0 should i fold the turn or could he getting it in with worse and i was unlucky this time? p.s. i dont think i should raise his donk bet on the flop, am i right?

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    On the flop: You can go for a raise against a min donk bet. Min donk bets from fishy players is almost always weak. If he calls your raise you may want to slow down on the turn though.

    On the turn: You know there is the option to call right? While raising will charge any draws that haven't got there yet, it totally value owns yourself against AQ, KT, QQ. Raising also folds out all of his bluff range and maybe even some of his weakest Ax hands which you could have potentially got more value from if he bet river.


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      Hi Espada,

      I agree with Rocker on the flop bet, it means weak until you see something different. I think calling isn't bad since you should be ahead of all his weak range with your holding, but it's probably better to raise since there's so many turn cards that leave us feeling a little bit lost if we flat and he leads bigger on the turn (K, T, 9, 8, club). He can call a raise with a lot of the weak draws so we can actually get some value from worse hands while denying him a free (technically dirt cheap) turn card.

      I also agree with calling the turn... he's leading for a larger amount now, indicating the ace may have improved him in some way. AT, A9, A8 are about the only worse hands that are going to be calling our raise that make sense for how he's played the hand. KT is crushing us, and on the off chance he was donking small to induce a raise with a flopped monster, all those are beating us too. We should have 4 live outs to draw out on those though and make a full house, so I hate to raise and get shoved on.

      As played I would fold... his turn bet/3B line is super strong and we're not beating anything in that range unless he has no clue about hand values, because he can reasonably have at least 2 pair here.
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