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NL2 99 set flop, villain shove river. action?

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  • NL2 99 set flop, villain shove river. action?

    hey guys I played this hand and I got tilted alot. Oppo is a maniac CS he plays 42/4 wtsd 40 AG 0.80 FCbet 50 e fold cbet turn 38 ( so when he calls flop he calls till the river. River bet 25. I lost the hand so I made a mistake somewhere here. I might think I bet too small flop and turn and at the river my time bank had almost expired before I press call. I want to be honest I did put him on JT there but then I thought, come on would he call 2 bets with gut? Can you find a fold at the river? Thank you

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    Hi again MVG, Firstly I'd like to point out the villain is not a maniac, he's a classic loose passive calling station. Against this player type I'm trying to get max value so I don't mind betting pot OTF even when it's quite dry. This is due to his tendancy to call so much, he'll call if he's hit but fold if he hasn't. Once he calls the flop a PSB bet OTT is obligatory imo, you can even argue that betting bigger is okay to get max value from Kx. Betting big on both streets pretty much commits us to the hand and allows us to shove the river for value. Unfortunately he sucked out, these things happen but in the long run you'll make money from this player so don't worry too much about it. I think it's tough OTR as there are very few hands that beat you. If you think he will shove 2 pair hands then I would call, otherwise I think it's a fold. Personally I would call here, I think players overvalue 2 pair in this spot way too much especially if they made it OTR with some thing like 78 or 97 as they 'improved' their hand so they have to be good now. Good luck Oli umbup:
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      Croyd has the right point that your opponent is likely to be the player type to call very loosely. Something I want to point out that's a bit flawed in your logic is that you say because you lost the hand, you made a mistake. This is the wrong way to think about poker because if we were always trying to find ways to not lose hands then we would not be maximizing situations where we win hands. Extreme example of not getting in KK preflop because your opponent might have AA is wrong usually for example cuz maybe your opponent will get it in preflop w/ weaker hands like QQ or AK.

      As for the hand, I like how you bet all 3 streets in general as there really isn't much other choice for that since you're in position. As for the river, I would call here too. I suspect you don't know enough about your opponent to know if he would ever bluff here or if he would raise w/ worse for value. Sure he could have JT or like 65 of diamonds but think about all of the other hands he can have too. If he's as loose as you say he is, then that's a pretty wide range. Do we know enough about him that he wouldn't ever bluff or raise for value with a hand like bottom set on the flop or 2pair at some point in the hand? These are the things you should think about when playing poker and not just whether you win or lose a hand.

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        Hi Mind,

        As as been pointed out, a 42/4 is a calling station. This is the type of guy you take to valuetown when you hit a big hand, because he will chase every draw, and call shoves on the river with any pair.
        When you flop a set against players with stats like these, you want to build the pot so that it's an easy shove on the river. It's hard to do that when there's no raising, but on a wet flop like this you can bet the size of the pot, as it has some draws, and a 42/4 has plenty of kings in his range.

        When villain calls on the flop, I'm very happy with a set, because he probably has a king and is never folding. He might be calling with a gutshot, but JT/QT/QJ are only a small part of his range. I like a full size pot bet on the turn, to get as many chips from this station as possible. If he just made two pairs, he's going to give you his stack.
        The 7 on the river is a bit ugly, but at least the flush didn't get there. (42% VPIP players are what I call "ASAP" players - anything suited, any position - and they are addicted to chasing flushes).
        JT and the unlikely 65 made a straight, but most of the time, villain has one or two pairs. I'm therefore betting the pot for value and calling the shove.

        If you get maximum value against players like this when you have the best hand, you can afford to pay them off when they sometimes show up with ridiculous hands that get there on the river. Most of the time, the draws WON'T hit, so make sure you get the most value you can on the flop and turn, because they won't call/shove on the end if they haven't hit something.
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          I really appreciate your help guys, everyday I get a clearer idea on how to play properly. Thank you



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