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2nl 6max zoom Still A Call On The End

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  • 2nl 6max zoom Still A Call On The End

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Dont have any info on the villian on the button here,only 2 hands. I lead for value on the flop and turn where i still felt like i had the best hand on both streets I probably could have bet the river too,but i decided to let my opponent possibly bet a wider range of worse hands here.But then i thought wouldnt they just be checking back alot of hands here?especially once the third spade comes down, but they shove. Standard call? Thanks
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    Hi Nashy,

    Preflop looks good. Flop bet looks good. I think I would bet slightly larger on the turn with the 4s coordinating with the flop texture well, as I expect the villains ranges to include a lot of 1 pair hands that can have improved to pick up some sort of straight draw now. Your bet size is good, 38 into 66 ~57.5% of the pot, but I'd go 65%-75% here (43-50). And the line is bet/fold on the turn imo, if we do get raised I think we're beat a ton.

    On the river without reads I'd generally bet again as players at this level tend to call too often, but checking and calling isn't bad.

    Yes I would call. It seems strange that he would slow play a monster on the turn with you showing great strength and the board getting wet (although tons of players at this level love to slow play even when it's pretty terrible). Can't figure out what 2 spades call the flop to get their running flush with both the 8 and 6 on the board. I guess 67s and A3s (slowplaying turn) make sense. Trip 5's is possible too from a fish, sets slow playing all the way is terrible here but possible.

    It's not a "standard" call but it's close enough needing 28% to break even considering not just weird bluffs but players spazzing out with A8 and 99 or whatever because they don't read hands and think they're good.
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