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5NL - QQ in 3bet pot

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  • 5NL - QQ in 3bet pot

    What do you think of the turn and river line? Should we have b/f turn instead? I checked turn to keep JJ/TT/99/77 in his range which I think by betting turn would give him more reason to fold as I would rep AK/AA and on the river I went for thin value against JJ/99/77 (perhaps too thin with the T OTR?) MP is unknown BTN VPIP:14/PFR:11/Agg:1/3b:4 (58 Hands)

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    Hey Geo I think this is a perfectly reasonable line to take in this spot, I don't mind it at all. The alternative is to bet turn to shove the river or to bet turn to check the river. I think both are a bit problematic for reasons you touched on. Betting the turn packs a lot of fold equity, so much so that we might not get called enough by worse and will just get too many folds. Betting the turn to shove the river is really skating on thin ice since we might only get called by weird KX hands and then slowplayed monsters. Betting the turn to check the river makes a good deal of sense since our opponent's range should mostly check back and they will only shove when checked to with slowplays. However when we check this turn I think we stand a good chance of being looked up by villains entire river bluff catching range. We shouldnt expect them to move allin with those hands so I wouldn't worry when you see a shove like this that you are getting bluffed. More likely is they have a hand like TT that got a fortunate card. umbup: nh


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      It probably kind of depends on your overall game plan but I like betting the turn because if I was bluffing ever, this would be quite a scary card to do so so it balances my range a bit. You shouldn't be worried about the King improving your opponent. If you think he's scared the King though that he wouldn't call a turn bet then I don't see why he would call a river bet then when you check so maybe you are just giving away free cards by checking the turn.
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