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10nl 6max, missed value?

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  • 10nl 6max, missed value?

    villain stats VPIP/PFR 33/18 3bet 0 AGGR.F NA i open KK in the BTN and get one caller. villain leads out for a little less than half pot. i decided to just call, to keep him in the pot in case he had nothing and keep bluffing fearing he would fold to a raise. im also a little concerned about having something like top 2 pair(not concerned about JJ, QQ because he would probably have 3bet, 22 its a possibility). should i have raised to get value from AQ(would he donk out with that?), AT or T9? turn is another 2, and im now confident that i have the best hand because i can beat QJ and is much less likely he has pocket 22. yet again i didnt raise his small turn bet fearing a fold river is an 8 which completes a str8 in case he had T9. should i have raised again? did i loose value playing my hand so passively, and let him see really chip his potential draws?

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    You could have possibly reraised one street and taken more value from a hand like AQ, but quite frankly against an AJ I wouldn't expect a call very often from any reraising. Nothing wrong with letting the villain bluff off chips with second best pair on such a dry board. For that specific hand I think you've probably achieved about max value so nh.

    Given that he's led out for under half the pot each time I don't think reraising for value on the river is a bad idea though. Any Qx is going to have trouble folding and only 9T, JJ, QQ, AA and QJ are really ahead here, and it's extremely unlikely that he has AA/QQ/JJ from his line preflop.


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      +1 to what mimesis posted. I think you can raise one street for value which I would typically choose river for since by then people get married to their hand and hate to feel bluffed there.
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