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10nl 6max, to cbet or not to cbet...

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  • 10nl 6max, to cbet or not to cbet...

    spots like that keep coming up all the time and i dont know what to do i make a loose open from the BTN because the blinds fold about 90% of the time to a steal. flop cames paired with an open-ender. should i cbet this? i mean there are a tone of hands that could continue. turn is a blank. should i bet this? what am i representing? or should ibet the turn because my opponet doesnt seem interested in the pot? does K high has showdown value?

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    Just because I'm nice, here's a killer line to take.

    C-bet about 30-40% of the pot, if he calls then bet about 80% of the pot on the turn. Makes it look like you've crushed the board and trying to squeeze value from his entire range.
    If he XR the flop it's an easy fold.

    Works way too often.

    Don't take this line on boards with too many draws or wet boards obviously. Just for bluffing stuff like above.
    Alternately bet big on the flop to fold out a huge chunk of his range immediately.
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      If blinds fold 90% of the time there is a good chance that when they do defend they actually have a reasonable hand that might continue more often on a board like this, even with just overcards. I'd therefore not choose to cbet a board like that too often. K high won't have too much sd value against a tight villain's defending range but we do have a backdoor straightdraw and an overcard, so checking back isn't too bad. We can take stabs later on against A high or underpairs too.
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