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10nl FR, JJ 5bet shove no good?

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  • 10nl FR, JJ 5bet shove no good?

    villain was playing 60/30 with 3bet 0, but didnt have too many hands on him he opens UTG and i 3bet for value with JJ from the SB. based on his stats i assumed he opens really wide and im way ahead of his range. he 4bets, which i think looks pretty strong raising someone who is 3betting you from the blinds, but against this type of opponet(hyper LAG) i rarely fold JJ preflop. is my line wrong or was i just unlucky that he he AA this time? what should i look for(stats), if i want to play stacks with these players with JJ+, AK?

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    Hi Espada,

    I'd really need a larger sample size to be sure about how to play this villain, as I'd like to know if he is positionally aware, or is just a total maniac in every seat. If he was 60/30 over a sample of 50+ hands, this would be a fairly easy stack off, as villain would be getting it in with hands like TT, A9s, AT, KQs, but my general rule for full ring games is to NOT stack off JJ pre, except against short stacks (who shove any pair). If he's positionally aware, then his range UTG is obviously tighter than usual, and his 4-bet is looking like QQ+/AK/AQs, so you're in a bad shape.
    The stats I'd look at before even 3-betting is "fold to 3-bet" and "4-bet range" if your HUD has that one. In a small sample though, these figures can deceive you, as he might have only had two 4-bet opportunities and taken them both, because he had AA and KK.
    If you've seen him stacking off with worse than JJ (and taken a note!), then getting it in is fine here, but even maniacs have a real hand sometimes. You were fairly unlucky here. Next time, you could get it in versus TT or 99.

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