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10nl FR, flopped 2 overs and a FD on a paired board

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  • 10nl FR, flopped 2 overs and a FD on a paired board

    just sat down and got QJs in BB. villain 6 opens for 2.5x and villain 2 calls. based on their stack sizes i assume they are inexperienced players and decided to call with my suited connectors thinking i might be paid off in case i hit something, plus im getting decent pot odds. flop comes T77 with two clubs fiving me a FD and 2 overs.i check, villain 6 cbets around 2/3 of the pot and villain 2 folds. what now? do i continue on a paired board?(scared paired boards when having a FD).if he has an overpair, i still have some resonable equity do i raise or call? how much should i raise and if he calls and the turn is a non club, how should i procceed?

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    Hi espada,

    This is a good flop for you. Villain raised pre in EP, and he'll be c-betting this flop with 100% of his range, which includes overpairs and big aces. I'm calling on the flop to try and make a flush. Raising could lead you to get shoved on by an overpair, so I'd just flat. I wouldn't necessarily be too pleased if we make top pair queen on the turn, as we'd still be losing to QQ+ and TT.
    If we're solely chasing a flush, the only hands we need to worry about are TT that flopped a boat, and AKcc that will over-flush us. So call and see if you hit the flush. The turn might give us some more outs to a straight to go with the flush draw (a 9 would be good, but a K could give villain top boat). If we miss on the turn, and villain makes another decent bet, I'd probably give up, because I'm not sure if we can win a whole stack if we hit one of our outs, as it would be hard for AA/KK to call a river shove if the board is paired and there are three clubs on the board.
    In summary, while I'm always wary of chasing flushes/straights on paired boards, I don't think villain has a boat on this flop very often, so I'd at least see the turn.
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