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10nl FR, could i have avoided this?

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  • 10nl FR, could i have avoided this?

    i have a few hands on villain 9 and in most of them he open limped, so i assume he is loose passive player. villain 1 VPIP 16 PFR 11 3bet 6 AGR.F 1.67 villain 9 open limps in the CO and villain 1 raises. im in the BB and i call with QJs trying to invite the bad player in. limper calls and the flop gives me the 2nd nut flush. i decide to lead out because i thought that the initial raiser might not cbet this flop and i didnt want to miss a street of value, plus i knew that if the limper has any piece of the flop he will continue. both players call, which i thought that was the best result. i bet the turn, limper calls and now the initial raiser comes over the top! with this raise he is commiting himself and i was thinking "what could he have?" A5 with the A of d, a set which he slowplayed OTF(doubt that), a worse slowplayed flush or the nuts? and my question is in the title "could i have avoided this?" could i or should i have folded the turn?

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    Hi Espada,

    Preflop call is fine I think, and I really like the lead out on the flop. It's the only way to ensure the flop round is bet and agree V1 who's AF is a bit low may not c-bet misses in a 3 way pot. If he does have a hand (and would have c-bet) leading out is still better to trap the fish between you and him, as if you check-raise it pushes the fish off his weaker holdings with which he will continue for the single bet. I would lead for a bit bigger personally, maybe like .75c, which looks more like a semi-bluff or a K trying to "protect" it's hand imo... but really love that you led out.

    When they both call, I like that you led again bigger for value that you rate to get for sure from worse hands (although I would have sized bigger still, maybe 2.25).

    Hate V1 coming over the top of us but I don't think I would fold the 2nd nuts here as I imagine we can sometimes get shown KK (waiting for 1 safe card before raising), AK, AA, and I'm not sure how many nut flush combos to expect in his range since the K, Q, and J of the suit are accounted for. I would have stacked this off too.
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