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10nl 6max, rivered a str8... raise or check back?

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  • 10nl 6max, rivered a str8... raise or check back?

    villain stats VPIP 64 PFR 23 AGR.F 1.85 isolation raise with KTo in the BTN against this loose player. the flop is prety decent so i make a cbet. OTT i pick up a gutshot and i decided to check back, because this type of opponet doesnt fold if he has a piece of the board. river is a Q which completes my str8 and villain bets a little over half a pot. i just called because i couldnt think of any worse hand that he could call with. he would probably call with a 9, but if he had it wouldnt he bet a little bigger? if he had played an A like that, would he have called my raise? and if he had a J, Q or an underpair would he have bet? so, i thought that the only hand he would call a raise with is a my thought proccees correct or it doesnt apply to these type of players?

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    Hey Espada,

    against that type of opponent and such a small betsize OTR I would happily raise for value to something like $3ish expecting to get called by all Ax/9x. Those guys are sometimes not even folding midpairs cause they love going to SD and hate feeling bluffed.

    If he jams over that raise we can still safely fold with anticipation of too many boats in his range.
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