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Did i fold right?

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  • Did i fold right?

    Hello guys, see if i made the right decision here, thanks. i think i did. I tought that, because of the re-raise AND the wet flop it became very likely that they had pocket aces or triple queens Anyway, it's very hard to fold with KK.. Thanks a lot Verarlockloy
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    Hi Vera,

    You played this fine. When villain limp reraises, you can basically put him on one hand. It's aces or kings nearly every time. (Very occasionally, it will be QQ/AK, but it's usually a monster, unless villain is a maniac going crazy with junk).
    The limp-reraise trick is usually played by bad players, and everyone has fallen for it at least once. With unpaired hands and standard stack sizes, you can safely fold to the reraise. With pairs, we look to see if we can profitably set-mine. As sick as it sounds, sometimes we are playing KK for set-mining value alone.
    When you know villain has exactly AA, you need to compare the implied odds of stacking them with a set, and the odds against hitting that set while avoiding an ace.
    Here, your decision is quite close. Your potential profit here is the size of the effective stack (your 1.09) plus the money in the pot already (41c) which totals 1.50. There might be a little more if the third player decides to come along, but I'd discount that for now. You need to call 16c to try and win $1.50.
    So you have implied pot odds of 150:16 which is a little over 9:1. Normally when set-mining, I want implied odds of 15:1 or more, because it's not guaranteed that villain will pay you off. Here, however, I'm certain villain will double you up if the flop comes Kxx, because the type of player that uses the limp-reraise trick is the type that can't fold an overpair. Also, they will be pot committed with this stack to pot ratio.
    The odds against hitting a set of kings without villain hitting a set of aces is about 7 to 1. Since you have implied pot odds of 9:1, you can call and see the flop.

    You missed the flop, and it's an easy fold, especially as QQ and AK also hit. Your decision would have been trickier if the flop had been Jxx or lower, because it's much harder to fold an overpair, but folding on Jxx would be the correct move too, because you're still beat by AA.

    Nice hand. Just try harder to flop a king next time!
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