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pocket jacks 0.01/0.02$ cash game

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  • pocket jacks 0.01/0.02$ cash game

    Greetings, as a new poker player I request advice of how I should have played this hand. Thanks, your humble servant norbikasd

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    Yo bro, Welcome to PSO, good to see you posting hands right from the off. Disscussing hands is one of the best ways to your game and fix leaks, when posting a hand it's good to include your thought processes and reads you had on the villain. Basically, explain why you did what you did. It will help the team give a better answer to your hand; also it gets you thinking about spots more deeply. As for the hand, I think without reads I would 3 bet to isloate to around 60c. Because of the stack sizes our 4bet applies pressure and puts villain 3 to a commitment decision he either has to shove or fold. If he shoves he's never bluffing and we aren't doing so good against a range of QQ+,AKs,AKo, having around 37% and we'll require 40% to call so I would then fold. When he folds to our 4 bet we win money against villain 4's weak range and if he's bad and calls then we have postion and a low SPR so we'll be able to make easy decisons postflop. As played I don't mind shoving over his 4bet, his range is much weaker than the earlier one I stated and due to all the money in the pot we'll show a profite through him folding with stuff like 99/TT and AQ. Calling is pretty weak as it doesn't give us any information and makes decisons harder post flop, once you callI think folding to his flop bet is the best way to go. AQ now beats you so when you shove what do you expect to be called by that's worse? Good luck at the tables. Oli umbup:
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      Hi Oli and thanks for the evaluation.

      I'm looking forward to making my poker play better, I just started a few weeks ago. I find PokerSchoolOnline to be an excellent place to start learning the game.

      Once again, thanks for your help and have a nice day!
      your humble servant norbikasd


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        Hi norb,

        It's tougher without any opponent reads like Croyd said, but here's what I think in a vacuum:

        A 4x from UTG I will generally range as strong, maybe 99+, AQ+. I think the options are to flat the short stack's 3b or to 4b small/fold to a 5b.

        The benefit of flatting here is that it disguises our hand strength somewhat, and it keeps V3's worse hands in the pot. The disadvantage is that it may invite V3 to 4-bet us with the parts of his range we play well against, like TT or AK specifically, but maybe worse just to try and push us out and isolate on the microstack who's range might be very wide here.

        The benefit of 4-betting is that it gets us away from QQ+ as this is his likely 5b-jam range. Our action shows massive strength and I'm not sure he would 5b/get it in this deep with AK in this case facing it. If he did 5b shove all of it, QQ+ and AK+ we're about a 64-36 dog to that range. If he only shoved suited AK we drop to 75-25. If we 4b to about .45c, and he shoves, we'd need about 39% equity to break even, so it becomes a fold.

        It's close either way although I prefer the latter.

        As played, we can not call his 4b imo as we don't have near the right price to look for a jack and unless we flop one I'm not sure how to proceed after the flop. I think we should fold or 5b all in, and given that our flat underreps our range a bit and the villain has extra incentive to try and push us off a bit lighter, plus all the dead money in the pot now, I'd 5b all in here (although I'm not fist pumping by any means).
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