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Pocket Jacks (again)

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  • Pocket Jacks (again)

    2NL cash game... I have pocket Jacks and make a standard raise. I get 3bet, and the Big cold calls it. I hate Jacks. I certaimnly don't wanna play them 3 handed, so I pump it up big. Intent is to get a fold from one, and a call from the other, it's a 4bet both for value and to protect my Jacks. The flop brings the dreaded Ace. Still, He has only half pot left, and if I check he will bet it and I'm never gonna fold with the odds I'd be getting. So I might as well put him allin myself, he might even fold if he had a pair and feared I had the ace. In my mind, judging from the preflop action, I thought the chance he had a pair was better than the chance he had a lone ace. I was hoping for the pair and then not a better pair than my jacks, but that might just be wishful thinking? Ok, my turn to get lucky. Looking back, I'm 100% sure I would never have made the call preflop with the AQ off. So, question time: 1. I'm assuming my 4bet with the Jacks is good. Agreed? 2. The bet on the flop could be good, normal or awful, I'm not entirely sure. 3. Am I correct in thinking he made a mistake when he called the 4bet with the AQ off?
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    considering villain checked, had like 68c left, and a str8 draw (hoping an 8, Q or K shows up on the turn) i'd take the same line.

    fwiw, if i were the villain, i'd 3bet pre and shove over a 4bet. never flatting a 4bet, either shove or fold, considering the stack size.

    yea, it's kinda spewy.. lol
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      Hi Ov3rsight,

      1. If you think your Jacks are the best hand preflop given the action I would just jam and not bother 4-betting with the deadmoney and stacksizes involved. On stakes like these I think your best chance is to get it in good here preflop with a vulnerable hand like that.

      2. I think your play is ok, but I'd probably prefer checking back the flop as I don't see much value from worse hands given the preflop action. That way villain could at least turn some of his hands into bluffs or call with worse later.

      3. Microstakes guys do all sorts of crazy stuff. Calling OOP with a strong preflop hand with so little money behind is one of it^^
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